6 Reasons You Should Install a Ductless AC This Summer

Ductless air conditioning is an energy-efficient cooling option offering greater indoor comfort at a considerably lower price. If you’re considering AC replacement, here are some excellent reasons to choose ductless:

1. Personalize Your Comfort

Central air conditioners provide generalized comfort. They satisfy most of the people most of the time. Ductless air conditioners provide custom comfort. They satisfy all of the people all of the time.

2. Watch Energy Bills Plummet

Central air conditioners waste a lot of energy by always cooling the whole house. Ductless air conditioners use only the energy they need to cool designated rooms. Ductless doesn’t waste energy on nonessential cooling. Your power bill will no longer frighten you.

3. Avoid AC Installation Headaches

A central air conditioning installation takes anywhere between one and seven days. You could be without cool air for some time. A mini-split installation takes from a few hours to two days.

4. Enhance Your Comfort

Ductless technology can cool one room, some rooms or all rooms. Single or multiple indoor units govern temperatures in designated areas. Each unit has a remote thermostat, so you have precise control over where your cool air goes. Central air conditioners blast cold air everywhere.

5. Eliminate Ductwork

Ducts are notoriously leaky, and that wastes a lot of cool air. Additionally, toxic particles in ductwork can contaminate indoor air. With ductless, indoor units receive cool air directly from the outdoor unit, bypassing ductwork altogether.

6. Get $300 in Federal Tax Credits

The federal government has extended the $300 energy-efficient tax credit. You can claim it if you install a high-efficiency air conditioner by December 31, 2021. Ductless air conditioners qualify for this rebate.

The technical experts at I.C.E. Heating & Cooling can tell you more about the ductless options we offer. Call us directly or visit us online to set up an appointment with one of our technicians.

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