4 Tips for Boosting Heat Pump Efficiency During Winter in Peyton, CO

Heat pumps are attractive because of their incredible efficiency. However, winters in Peyton, CO pose a problem for these units, risking lowering their efficiency without some help. Implement these four tips to boost your heat pump’s efficiency all winter long.

1. Keep Snow Cleared Away

It’s easy to ignore your heat pump when the snow is flying around outside. However, letting the snow build up around your unit will restrict its airflow, reducing its efficiency.

Check your unit frequently, and gently brush the snow clear with a broom, ensuring it can draw sufficient air. Avoid using force to chip away ice that’s built up on your unit, which could lead to substantial heat pump repairs.

2. Change Your Filter

Your system’s air filter needs to be changed regularly to keep the air moving through your home. Over the winter, you may need to change it more often due to the dry conditions the cold weather brings. Plan to check your filter monthly and vacuum the loose dust to boost your efficiency between replacements.

3. Manage Your Temperature

One of the differences between furnaces and heat pumps is that they don’t put out as much heat at once. Turning your thermostat up higher won’t get it to put out more heat. Rather, it may kick on the electric resistance heater, which will drive your efficiency into the ground.

4. Seal Air Leaks

There are two kinds of leaks that will destroy your system’s efficiency. First, there are obvious leaks in your home, such as around your windows and doors. Plan to seal those to prevent cold air from seeping inside.

The second is a little less obvious but just as important. Your ducts may have leaks, which allow the heated air to leak out into unheated parts of your home. This causes your heat pump to strain more to raise your home’s temperature.

Get the best efficiency from your heat pump this winter. Call to schedule a heat pump maintenance appointment with a NATE-certified technician at I.C.E Heating & Cooling.

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