Ductless Mini-Splits Can Improve Your Home in Monument, CO

Ductless mini-splits are individual heating and cooling units installed in different rooms that link to a single outdoor unit. These indoor units have a refrigerant that absorbs heat from the indoor air and transfers it to the compressor outside to cool a home, just like a heat pump. Ductless mini-splits offer your home in Monument, CO, many benefits.

1. Compact and Flexible

Ductless mini-splits require a small installation space. After installation, they offer homeowners the flexibility of heating or cooling individual rooms. You can connect from four to seven indoor units connected to one outdoor unit, depending on brand.

When you need to heat or cool a room, you only do so to specific rooms that need heating or cooling. Each of the zones or rooms in your home has a thermostat so that you can only condition or heat the room you occupy to save energy that would otherwise go to heating or conditioning unused rooms.

Easier to Install

The ductless mini-splits install with ease relative to other HVAC systems. To connect the indoor and the outdoor unit, the HVAC technician only needs a 3-inch hole through the wall to pass the conduit. Conduits are available in different lengths to reach your units wherever they are in the home.

Even if the indoor unit is 50 feet away from the outdoor unit, the conduits can still get to them. This way, you can cool rooms from the front side of a building when the compressor is on the back side of the building. Allow an HVAC professional to help you install the system.

No Energy Losses

Ductless mini-split systems don’t have ducts, so there’s no energy lost through the ductwork. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heat losses through ductwork account for up to 30% of energy consumption.

Because ductless mini-splits occupy less space in your home, they offer you flexibility in decorating your home. Call I.C.E. Heating and Cooling in Monument, CO, for ductless mini-split installation or repairs and other HVAC services.

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