Ways to Improve Air Quality Inside Your Commercial Space

Your commercial space’s indoor air quality makes all the difference regarding tenant and customer health, productivity, and profitability. Regardless of the type of commercial space you own or manage in Colorado Springs, CO, you’re responsible for implementing effective indoor air quality solutions. Using chemical cleaning agents, poorly maintained HVAC equipment, and some building materials can affect air quality. Here are some ways to improve air quality in your space.

Install Air Purification Systems

Purification systems and air cleaners keep pollutants from traveling through your building’s ventilation system. These systems use different types of technology, so it’s important to understand which works best for your building’s needs. Here’s a quick overview of the three types of purifiers commercial spaces use:

  • HEPA purifiers: These highly efficient filters last 2-4 years and do an excellent job removing large contaminated particles from indoor air. HEPA filters work well in hospitals, plants where sensitive electronics are manufactured, and food-production plants.
  • Activated carbon purifiers: Commercial spaces that handle a lot of chemicals, smoke, and gasses should consider carbon purifiers. Not only do they remove chemical impurities from the air, but they eliminate harmful odors, too.
  • UV technology purifiers: These purifiers use ultraviolet light rays to disinfect the air in commercial spaces. However, these purifiers don’t remove contaminants, so they’re often paired with activated carbon or HEPA filters.

Maintain Your Building’s HVAC Equipment

One of the greatest contributors to poor indoor air quality is a building’s HVAC equipment. Heating and cooling units get used frequently, and they can collect dust and other contaminants. Having these units cleaned and maintained regularly keeps your building’s indoor air quality high.

Commercial HVAC services recommend that building owners have their HVAC equipment inspected yearly. During these inspections, the service technicians recalibrate the units and make adjustments to help them run more efficiently.

At I.C.E. Heating & Cooling, we help building owners apply effective indoor air quality solutions to help their customers and tenants breathe cleaner air. Contact us today for more information about air quality and other commercial HVAC services.

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