Why Is My Ductless HVAC System Leaking Water in Colorado Springs, CO

If you have a ductless mini-split, you may notice the system leaking water. Given the layout and location of the typical mini-split, most leaking water will probably find its way into your walls, inflicting serious damage over time. Here are some reasons why the ductless HVAC system in your Colorado Springs, CO, home might be leaking water.

Drain Pan Damage

Your mini-split has a drain pan that collects condensate and other dripping water. However, over time, the drain pan may rust or incur other damage from time or the elements, preventing it from properly doing its job. If this happens, you’ll need to replace the pan with a new one.

Broken Air Handlers

Mini-splits can have multiple air handlers. Their purpose is to treat the air that the system cools and blows into your home. The fact that mini-splits have many air handlers is one of the key features that enables them to perform zoned cooling.

Another key function of each air handler is to remove any condensate from treated air before it finally circulates back into your home. If any of these air handlers break down, however, your system is likely to begin leaking water. If any of your air handlers break down, it is imperative that you request service from a trained repair technician.

Dirty Air Filter

If you don’t regularly replace your mini-split’s air filters, they will become dirty and hinder your home’s airflow. As a result of that, the coils in your system may freeze. When they thaw again, water will drip from them and form a puddle on your floor.

Water leaks virtually always indicate that something is wrong with your mini-split, so you should keep an eye out for them. Call I.C.E. Heating & Cooling and ask for ductless mini-split service near Colorado Springs, CO, and we’ll help you deal with whatever is causing such leaks.

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